Spokane Auto Repair

90,000 Mile Service

The third major service milestone in the care for your car is the 90,000 mile service. At Bob's Service Center, we understand the importance of this service mark and take the time to make sure your 90,000 mile service is performed according to your vehicles manufacturer checklist. Not all vehicles will need the same type of 90,000 mile service, much will depend on the care your care received during its lifetime up to this point, and much depends on the type of driving it has been put through. We will check and replace the most major parts that can show wear or failure indication at the 90,000 mile service mark including the timing belt, shocks and struts as well as perform a check on all other systems.

Some cars may need to have their spark plugs and coolant hoses changed at the 90,000 Service. The Bob's Service Center ASE Certified Technician can show you the wear indicators on the hoses, plugs or boots that show replacement is needed. Spark plugs are not once in a life time accessories, but do have a limited life span that begins to end right around the 90,000 mile service point. This is why car manufacturers call out for a more detailed inspection of their condition.

Call Bob's Service Center today and make an appointment for your 90,000 mile service at our convenient location in Spokane. We carry a stock of OEM and recommended replacement parts so any service your car needs can be done quickly.

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